Great BoneFishing!

On a normal day I will pick you up at your hotel around 8 am. I keep my boat a short 10 minute drive from GeorgeTown on the west side of the island. I will supply a cooler with ice and a box lunch is available upon request.

Exuma Weather

The weather in the Bahamas is temperate with average daytime temputures of 77 in the winter months and 86 in the summer months. Most of our rain fall in May through October

What to bring:

  • Fishing Gear and Flies
  • Polarized Glasses (amber lens works best)
  • Sun Screen and Lip Balm
  • Lunch and Beverages
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Hat
  • Rain Gear
  • Camera

The US Dollar is used interchangeably with the Bahamian dollar. 1$ = 1$

24-hour Bank Machines are located on the island

Local water is safe to drink

Electricity is 110 volts the same as North America

The Bahamas is a very safe country and tourists are treated with respect. But as you would at home do not leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicles

The Exumians are exceptionally hospitable and friendly

Taxi Service is available at fixed rates throught the island

All driving is on the left side of the road